another day at the shop. we got four or five boxes of new shipments in, so at least i'll have something to do today. not that there's not plenty of other non-pack rats related things to do. and there's plenty of paperwork and tax prep i need to gather. not looking forward to that. but these shipments - sometimes it's hard not to want to take everything home. these hand knit cabled armwarmers for one. and katie of lemon jitters sent over the best necklaces. mostly i just try to pretend like everything's mine while i'm at the shop and not let it come home with me. we're also getting a new vintage consigner today, so we'll have plenty new things coming out this week. we don't consign with many folks for vintage because so many people seem to bring us just plain awful things - like last season old navy shirts with retro prints - i guess some people just don't get it? too many people. and i like to keep more of a special selection with little filler. but on to more important things - like what's for lunch?