today has flown by in the drop of a hat. it seems like m and i just rolled out of bed only an hour or two ago after listening to brahms float in over the alarm radio and here the sun is already setting and the after work crowd is probably gathering at the gym which makes me not want to go. i guess i'll wait till 7.30 or maybe i'll just ride the bike or break out the firm VHS or a half hour of weights. as long as it's something. earlier today i had a phone call with my editor about THE BOOK and now i'm feeling anxious and excited and over the top with too many ideas. whittling it down is going to be the hardest. can't wait to collaborate with emily on photos and get a full feel for how it's actually going to turn out. just can't believe it's happening at all really. after that i downladed too many gene vincent songs and ate lunch and listened to dana on the radio and tried to take some pics of sweaters i thrifted and new hats and attempted to do all three together as you can see above. that sandwich has the last of the goat cheese and i'm going to have to force myself not to buy more because it's too addicting, too creamy, too good. if i could place that ban on beer then i'd have no more diet woes, but i feel like i need that crutch at the end of the day. last night i made m watch a cbc documentary on pretty glenn gould and then he made me watch a vhs of let it be and i felt like i would never like paul mccartney in real life even though he did kind of have dreamy eyes and full pink lips i don't think it'd be enough. but all the girls gathering on the street at the end had perfect 60's boots and coats with collars folded over just so - nice full proper collars, too.