sorry for all the shop update posts, but i don't know where else to put them. i'm a little sick and tired of so much social media and kind of feel like i just want to chill at this blog here a bit. not so much 'bookin and tweets and tumbles and on and on into infinity. i did get a account though, so only adding to my problems there. i have 1 look and 0 hypes. i think i might be too old and not waifish enough. been thinking about the future of current fashion bloggers lately in regards to aging. will they no longer get free shoes and dresses when the wrinkles start to appear? do they have back up plans? for those who make their living through blogging - will it hold up when the signs of aging takes its grip? will they move into night cream and wrinkle serum review blogging? will they get free dresses from newport news and coldwater creek instead of modcloth and urban outfitters? not that i don't think there are fashionable types at each and every age - i'm just not so sure all these clothing companies from whom they are receiving support will see it quite the same. because basically aren't they just young models providing fairly cheap and easy photography and advertisement for these companies in exchange for a dress here, a pair of shoes there? at least in the eyes of these businesses who are skewed towards a younger market? will the current round of bloggers get dropped when the next set of fresh young faces appear? since fashion blogging (on such a large scale) is only a couple of years old this issue hasn't really played out yet and i'm interested to see how it goes.