this is basically what i wore today except add my green jacket that i wear too much and a brown beret and change the shoes for a pair of studded platforms. stayed home almost all day - except to go pick up yarn so i can get that final wholesale order complete and sent away. then i just have to send out the final giveaway item that i've let slip by for far too long and i'll be pretty much caught up with any crocheting that i have to do for etsy/softspoken. took lots of photos for about four new pieces for the shop, so you'll probably see similar pics to the one above popping up here and there.


been sittin' in front of the space heater all night and got too hot and flushed and now i feel edgy and irritable. i was a little snippy with m when he asked me a basic computer question. can't shake this bummed out feeling that's been following me around the past... 6 months? just kinda not feelin' this town anymore. either need to get out for a while or... if the shop's not gonna make it there's no real reason to stay here. other than being poor and not being able to afford a move. feel bored/lonely/indifferent/frustrated/tired. been feeling a lot of things i haven't felt since high school. like this body image shit disappeared for years and years - i thought i'd beat it - now suddenly, blammo. and now this lonely/misunderstood/get-outta-this-town frustration. and i also have 3 zits.

idunno. something's off.

this is a really great post that's been in my head since i read it.

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