at the shop today, listening to liz phair. i can usually only make it to about track 10 or 11 until it's enough liz phair for the day. one of my favorite customers came in for a bit, so things're off to an ok start. i was late getting here this morning - it's hard to want to come in sometimes when there's been so many slow days. it's hard to want to come in sometimes when yr boyfriend throws his heavy sleeping arm around you and car talk is on the alarm radio. i also have a ton of packages to tape up and send out - i don't know why i have the hardest time with the shipping side of things. you'd think making 30+ items for a wholesale order would be the hardest - but apparently throwing them in a box and printing a shipping label is the difficult part. you'd think.

tomorrow we're having this:

second craft night

so i need to sweep/mop/put away/straighten here at the shop. then finish the wholesale tote bag order. book prep things. email catch up. and those packages. all those packages.