sleepy and hungover. what started as a pms fest of pickled okra and beer ended with a bottle of chocovine and soy milk. the stuff's too much like a liqueur for me to drink straight, but mixed with soymilk tastes like a melted shake with a buzz. pm-yes! but 3/4 of a bottle is enough to put me off chocolate for at least a few days. supposedly today's the most depressing day of the year which makes me want to laze in bed reading my norman mailer book and maybe go to the corner drugstore to pick out pink and orange matte lipsticks while trying to avoid the annoying clerk who is always overly cheery and too inquisitive and nosy. instead i've been at our shop all day and not one single customer has walked through the door. not one.

wearing another comfort uniform : oversized hooded cacoon cardi - wish in five points / tan scarf - conway / animal print scarf - dollar general / grey tank - f21 / black leggings - route66 / black thigh high socks (yes, again) - sock dreams / boots - bamboo