have had the hardest time being productive today. i feel like i've done a little here, a little there, but with no project being fully completed. still feeling cheery from yesterday's craft night at the shop, though - really felt a happy positive vibe from everyone who came and participated and can't wait to do the next. i think of all the things there is to do at the shop the events are my favorite, and it's such a surprise since i always think of myself as reserved and socially awkward.

wearing - necklace: handmade from iheartnorwegianwood / tunic: free from pack rats clothing swap party / acid wash crop denim jacket: an old purchase i've had for over four years now / dark denim hi waist skinny jeans / gold pointy toe heels*.

*i've decided i'm no longer going to list brand or shop names unless it's handmade, vintage, or a brand or shop which is local or one that i really love - or perhaps one with which i have a bit of nostalgia attached. i see no reason to give free advertisement to big brands - and although items from these brands are in my wardrobe from past purchases (before i knew better) i am becoming ever more cautious with the pieces i do choose to add in from them. it's becoming harder to wrestle with my conscious just in order to save a few bucks. i can't say that i've given them all up completely, but by just being aware of their practices (in regards to labor issues, sweatshops, and design theft and integrity) it has greatly reduced the amount i do spend with them.