after the night we spent wandering out with kip after the record "party" the cats managed to wake me at 7am for good. i think everyone else was too passed out from libations to be bothered, but it made for a long tiring day for me. at least i've gotten their schedule back to 7 am wakeups instead of 4 or 5. not only that but my two right wisdom teeth are being a pain and a bother and i have a feeling the lower one is on the way to or already achieved infection and i kept waking up with occasional gum pangs. another thing i'm dreading, but am swishing constantly with warm salt water to try and keep it at bay. it helps some. the only thing i really did today after we spent the morning talking shop w. kip and sending him on his way and then kissing m goodbye for work was take photos of vintage for etsy. i was going to throw in this lace top too but didn't realize i'd like it so much so it's mine for now. i've been wasting too much time away online i think, or trying to set things up so i can edit videos in a (free) way that isn't overly complicated to where i don't care anymore or other timewasters here and there. i should be making new things or working on that zine idea i've tossed around or something/anything, but it feels like this is always the lazy time of year. post christmas/pre-full time spring.

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