i really thought this dress would be going in the toss pile for my wear-everything-i-own-in-a-year project. every other time i've worn it i've felt frumpy and not quite right. today i decided to give it one last chance and of course i love it. occurrences like this are part of why it's so hard for me to get rid of items - i always feel like i just haven't figured them out yet and one day i'll get it right. with this one i think it was the addition of the belt under the ruffled bust that cinched the deal. punny!

wearing : cropped dark denim jacket / gold ruffle top dress / brown belt / brown striped tights / peeptoe sandal wedges / vintage pendant necklace / M necklace from wiyomu on etsy / leather cuff / vintage floral gem watering can was a gift from my mom's favorite cousin and lives on this jacket. i tend to put pins on jackets and they stay there always. my acid wash denim holds the deer pin m gave me for christmas 2 or 3 years ago - it even goes through the wash that way.