I am quite a positive sort of person. I am not on a down negative. I don’t have that kind of personality trait. I like to always try to build rather than to destroy.

Destroy was one of the key words in punk, wasn’t it ? I think that what I really liked about punk was the fact that it was my age group that was doing something. I liked that far more than the philosophy. They were doing something without record company backing, and I really liked that.

It didn’t mean that I had to necessarily agree with everything that they did and their message. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and that had nothing to do necessarily with what these people were saying. It was just that I was around about the same time. I was in the same age group, younger even than they were, and I realised that they were doing something and I thought that I could do something and I didn’t necessarily have to have a record deal first.




I first learnt about the environment and recycling there. After that we lived too on ferns in the countryside while it was summer. We obviously couldn’t do it in the winter, but during the summer we would do things like fry battered ferns and make tea from dandelion leaves and stinging nettles. We went totally back to nature and bathed in streams and things like that.

I first got the idea before I left school. I told my cookery teacher that that was what I was going to do, and she said “Oh, a friend of mine was going to do that and you’ll find it very hard and you won’t be able to do it”(Laughs). I was determined to do it because I had read a book at school, a butch sort of thing. It was about a young Native American boy who to become a man had had to go off into the woods by himself and survive and that was what had made me want to do that, except I was a girl so it was a little bit more risqué.



poly styrene




I would go to the DIY store and buy sink chain, which doesn't tarnish and is quite shiny and chrome plated. I would also buy plastic tubing and then I would run the sink through the plastic tubing, and turn them into chokers and ankle and arm bracelets. It was funny, because I had people like Marianne Faithfull, Amanda Donohoe and Paula Yates coming in and buying them. I am sure that they didn't know that I had bought it at the DIY store...

One of my friends, Sophie Horgan, was at fashion school. I designed some things and she made them for me. There was an eggs and bacon dress, which we did just for a laugh. We went down to Peter Jones and I bought some vinyl table cloth fabric. I then asked Sophie to applique an eggs and bacon design like a working man's greasy fry up on it. I thought that it would be funny to put it on a dress, especially as I was a vegetarian and I didn't eat stuff like that.

It was just mad, wacky stuff. It did look nice though. It did have some couture and some class too.

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