and finally got around to listing these collars, too!










i have so many projects that i've made and even photographed that have just been sitting around waiting to be listed. listing seems like it takes forever with our ridiculously slow internet so i always procrastinate over and over again.

also, lately i've just kind of been making whatever the mood strikes, so my etsy shop is a bit hodge podge right now - and i don't really mind all that much. one day it's floral hair crowns, the next day it's crochet collars, and the next it's wacky necklaces. i've kind of grown tired of the idea of presenting a formal "collection" - that idea now just seems a little silly to me now plus it's forever draining and monotonous at times. i have a feeling that my tastes and ideas will pretty much collect and draw upon themselves, so i'm just going with the flow of whatever i feel like making. not much has been selling lately (spring has always been deadly slow for my shop), but i just keep trucking along - surrounding myself in piles of stitches. at least i know i'll have plenty of stock when winter and holiday craft shows roll around this year.

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