since i've been finding the blogosphere a bit uninspiring for quite some time - more and more fashion blogs seem to be about who can snag the latest dress from the latest designer on the latest hottest shopping site or how well your boyfriend can take hazy perfectly framed photos when often if i saw the same outfit on the street i wouldn't look twice - i've decided to go on a search to hunt out guys and gals whose style truly makes me stop in admiration of their actual style, not the quality of their photos or the labels in their dresses or the sponsors in their sidebar, but simply their style and style alone.

first up is lexy of quirky explosion!


from super bright colors to her super bright smile - you'll be hard pressed to find the typical staring forlornly at your shoes blogger pose over at quirky explosion! lexy's photos are full of scrunched-nose smiles and leaps and swingin' hair. enjoy her interview below:

Name, Age, Location, Websites:
Lexy, 17,
Small town Ontario

-A few words to describe yourself:
easily inspired awkward teenager

-Current crushes/obsessions (style-wise or other-wise!):
I go through so many obsessive phases. They don't last long. They kind of just consume my free time, and then I eventually turn to other unproductive means. Currently? Stalking stylelikeu.com, making collages, wearing lipstick during the day, pretending I'm a world-traveler 24/7, Portlandia youtube clips, et cetera et cetera.



-How would you define your style? Is there any one look you tend to adhere to?
Fun, obnoxious, youthful explosion. BAM!

-Any go to items in your wardrobe? Do you have a uniform, of sorts?
I have a uniform. Literally! (Hah. I'm witty*) Five days a week, I get to sport a lovely gray kilt, burgundy tie, and navy blazer. It's good times. Barf. Um, anyways. But in terms of non-uniform dressing (i.e. what you're really asking)... If I'm in a rush, I usually pop on a dress, coloured tights, and a bright blazer. But I have to admit that I'm really bad at dressing under pressure! Haha. I always set my alarm wayyyy early so I'm not in this situation. I feel awful when I don't love the outfit I'm in!
*Attempting to be witty



-Have you always been into fashion? How would you describe the development of your style?
I like the idea of saying "pshhhh, oh yeah, I've ALWAYS loved fashion. Since I was a child, I've always loved to dress up, make jewelry, attempt to master the easy-to-sew, you now... Psh. Yeah." But I'm pretty sure that's just me being a typical little girl, as opposed to a fashionista-in-the-making. But, hey! Whatever works! I've always shopped for my own clothes and dressed myself, so I guess I've lived with the idea of self-expression all my life.


-From what or whom do you draw inspiration from style-wise?
Life :)


-How is your style received when you go out? Have you had any confrontations, positive or negative? How do you handle them?
Beady eyes stare at me. A lot. Personally, it's gotten to the point where it's weird if I DON'T get stares. Most people don't go beyond staring. The people that do come up to me are usually quite lovely. Unfortunately, I'm terribly awkward, so I end up sputtering something like "hahahah oh yeah, GO COLOURS. hahahha." It gives them nice insight into my inner five-year-old. But hey, there's nothing worse than indifference - "People will stare... make it worth their while."


-Personal philosophy/mantra or wise words to share:
Don't take it too seriously! Have FUN! This goes for both life and fashion.


-A typical day in your life:
I wish I could say something like, "Oh, I can't answer this question - there is just NO typical day in my life! EVERY day is different! A new adventure! I don't know what to expect! It's so spontaneous and wonderful."
In reality, it's more along the lines of, "Oh, I can't answer this question - I just don't want to waste your readers' time with my supremely mediocre days." So, you know. You can pretend I'm saving the world or flying to space or something.


-Final words or anything else to share?
I wish more people would smile at strangers... Maybe you guys can?
... Sending out virtual smiles to all :)

thanks, lexy!
know someone with great style who you think would be perfect for this feature? is that person you? either way, send me a message at reoglesby@yahoo.com!