i intended to make this a regular wednesday feature, but here it is only the second week and i'm already two days late! as usual, life has sprung up with its unexpected surprises and we have been busy busy busy. but enough about me - onto today's featured artist - the talented kate kosek.



from kate kosek's isometric harlequin series

i somehow ran across kate on etsy through the circles feature. a recently added friend had added one of her items to their favorites which caught my eye with it's bold graphics and strong color and i immediately ran (clicked) over to check out her shop. when i saw her selection of brightly colored totes and bandannas with patterns which tease the eye - i immediately wanted kate to be the next artist in the series.


kate's artist statement:
To me, art making is an insight into one's mind. When

your thought process compels you enough to create a piece
of art, a powerful force is being generated. On a daily
basis I am surrounded by imagery that inspires the
development of my compositions. I create work that rings
true to the imagery that is conceived in my mind.

party legz

Color theory is a strong visual theme that is apparent in
my work. My chromatic selection is influenced by the
theory of color compression. The layering and
juxtaposition of complementary colors generates an
illusion that brings me sincere enjoyment. Depth and
movement become a possibility on a still, two-dimensional
surface. Color vibration brings a strange comfort and ease
to my eyes, whereas most people become instantaneously

karnival kone

Along with color relationships, my work is highly
influenced by pattern and geometry. I have always been
the type of person that bears importance on numbers and
equal distribution. Developing and executing patterns is a
repetitive process that propels me into a state of
meditation. I am at ease when I am repeating line after
line. My passion for geometric shapes is apparent in the
patterns and the division of my compositions. Each
decision is made as if I am solving a puzzle. The end
result of each piece is a testimony to my attempt of
merging differing formal elements into one cohesive

isometric harlequin series

please enjoy my interview with kate below!

-Name, Age, Location, Websites:
Kate Kosek
Albany, NY

-A few words to describe yourself:
Easygoing, hardworking, respectful, colorful & weird

-Your day job:
I work in an apparel print shop as a manual screen printer.



-A typical day in your life:

I wake up between 6-6:30am and have my drink coffee/stare at the wall time. Then I’ll do some Internet lurking and eat breakfast, pack my lunch and head to work around 8am. I spend my day printing shirts and cracking jokes with a bunch of weirdos. After 8 hours of work, I head home for dinner. Then leave for my studio where I paint the night away until I’m too tired to concentrate anymore. I come home and shower, drink some sleepy time tea and pass out to South Park reruns on TV. So it goes…

crossroadz n harmony

-Top 5 books, movies, songs/bands, food:
How Soon is Never? - Marc Spitz
Too Much Too Late - Marc Spitz
The World According to Garp - John Irving
The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera
The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner


Troll 2
10 Things I Hate About You
Twin Peaks (movie & TV series!)
Grandma’s Boy


stills from troll 2

Sonic Youth
Ariel Pink
Lost Boy?

ariel pink

Coconut Fruit Bars
Rainbow Cookies

-Current crushes/obsessions:
I’m obsessed with Op Art & I have a crush on the entire cast of ‘Parks & Recreation’.

-Your vices/guilty pleasures:
Coffee, anything that has coconut in it, Kraft 3 Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Shells, glitter/anything that sparkles, grapefruit cosmopolitans, shoe shopping


-Personal philosophy/mantra or wise words to share:
“Everything happens for a reason”. This phrase helps me to accept the cards that I’ve been dealt, and move on.

"What goes around comes around". I strongly believe in Karma!

-When/How did you first gain an interest in your art?
I was born with an interest in art. I really enjoyed making crafts in school as a child, and I guess that has stuck with me since then.

trance mountain

-What was your first creation?
I can’t really remember my first “actual” creation, but I vividly remember making a “texture book” in pre-school. I am 100% positive that my mother still has it somewhere, and I remember this book included a bear that was made out of coffee grounds.

Julian Stanczak


-From what or whom do you draw inspiration from?
There are so many things that inspire me on a daily basis. I’m drawn to anything that has an interesting pattern or an amazing color combination. I’m a big fan of geometry and textiles. Some of my favorite artists are Sheila Hicks, James Siena, Julian Stanczak, & Kusama.


Sheila Hicks


James Siena

-What sort of person do you imagine being drawn to your work? Is that something you think of when you create?
I strive to make art that can be enjoyed by everyone. There is a playfulness to my work that throws away all of the pretentions that conceptual art carries. I believe that everyone has different visual experiences, and I want my work to stimulate such happenings.

sparkle roll

-What are your biggest challenges with your art/craft?
Sometimes I have feelings of unoriginality and sometimes I use too many colors. When this happens, I usually end up painting over sections completely and starting over. I work through many layers until I decide what feels right.

guitar zero

tuna jazz

-What's the importance of handmade to you? Do you feel a part of the DIY movement?
Handmade is the essence of everything that I do. I love people’s handwriting as opposed to computer fonts. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there who still make things by hand instead of relying on machines, it makes things much more personal. I certainly do consider myself a part of the DIY movement. I am the type of person that prefers to do everything by hand, by myself. This obsession is a ritual of my creative process. Plus, I am not very tech savvy but we’ll keep that a secret!

surfin on a yacht

sunrise tote

-Final words or anything else to share?
I am currently working on collaborative drawings/collages with Katty Bouthier, who is an amazing illustrator/person. So keep an eye out for those!
Also, until the end of April I am donating 50% of the profits of my Etsy shop to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund!

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