a tad bit hungover and sleepy today, so using my time wisely
to search for the perfect pair of trousers.

-high waist with pleated or paperbag detail
-peg leg/tapered leg
-shade of tobacco or light grey

asos seems to have the best selection, though i do wish they would mention more measurements, particularly the rise, so i can tell just how high waisted they are.





i think the last pair's my fave, though of course, the most expensive too.

gonna check the thrift this week, but any other online leads are certainly welcome. now off to buy a new bra since our new pup has chewed all but one of mine to bits. it's the only bad thing she really does, so i'm not complaining too much - just no more carelessly tossing them on the floor before bed. of course my bright hot pink one is the final survivor and just not as practical for everyday wear as i'd like.