we've had another round of colder weather here lately, so all those new spring wardrobe excitements had to be put on hold for a while. hopefully, it was the last of the cold though and today the sun was peeking out just enough to try out this lightweight jumpsuit (and to wash out my face in a few photos too).

green strapless jumpsuit and hat - kmart! (i know i know, it's kmart - but for some reason i have a soft spot for the ol' place. it's like they're the loser underdog of the big box world with all the hundreds of stores that shut down over the past few years plus i have a little growing up nostalgia associated as well. and i dunno why, but i always find clothes i like better than the selection that target has had the past year or so.) / coupla' years old wedge sandals / old cropped denim jacket / bird necklace from that vintage on etsy via trade / belt came with a dress / black cotton string's been tied around my wrist for over a month now.