this is another outfit that was on the racks at pack rats that i brought back home. actually the shorts were in the back room, but we've been doing a bunch of cleaning out and i've been on a vintage high waisted shorts kick (as seen the previous two days as well!) so these light lemon denim ones weren't going on the sale rack just yet. and this top is vintage liz claiborne - the colors and geometric print are so fresh and just right for the season - there's something about vintage liz claiborne that really seems to mesh perfectly with everything that's making a comeback from that era. and i still think of it as my anne sexton smoking cigs by the pool shirt - funny, last time i wore it was almost exactly a year ago.



Lessons in Hunger
'Do you like me?'
I asked the blue blazer.
No answer.
Silence bounced out of his books.
Silence fell off his tongue
and sat between us
and clogged my throat.
It slaughtered my trust.
It tore cigarettes out of my mouth.
We exchanged blind words,
and I did not cry,
and I did not beg,
blackness lunged in my heart,
and something that had been good,
a sort of kindly oxygen,
turned into a gas oven.
Do you like me?
How absurd!
What's a question like that?
What's a silence like that?
And what am I hanging around for,
riddled with what his silence said?