IMG_3054-1.JPG_effected IMG_3011-1.JPG_effected IMG_3025-1.JPG_effected IMG_3026-1.JPG_effected IMG_3020-2.JPG_effected IMG_3056-1.JPG_effected IMG_3062-1.JPG_effected IMG_3077-1.JPG_effected IMG_3076-1.JPG_effected IMG_3074-1.JPG_effected bonus - i found 5 bucks in my jacket pocket that i didn't know was there! wearing: windbreaker - custom boutique in asheville, nc / jumpsuit - uo in charleston 3 or 4 years ago on super clearance cause the pocket's ripped / hat and tank underneath - kmart / shoes - thrifted / bird necklace - that vintage on etsy via trade