the softspoken crushin' yr style manifesto: since i've been finding the blogosphere a bit uninspiring for quite some time - more and more fashion blogs seem to be about who can snag the latest dress from the latest designer on the latest hottest shopping site or how well your boyfriend can take hazy perfectly framed photos when often if i saw the same outfit on the street i wouldn't look twice - i've decided to go on a search to hunt out guys and gals whose style truly makes me stop in admiration of their actual style, not the quality of their photos or the labels in their dresses or the sponsors in their sidebar, but simply their style and style alone.

introducing, stina!


Name, Age, Location, Websites:
--stina, 29, hamilton, ontario, canada.

A few words to describe yourself:
--silly, always laughing, sarcastic, immature


Current crushes/obsessions (style-wise or other-wise!):
--white hair, creepers, leopard print

Your vices/guilty pleasures:
--eating and the internet


How would you define your style? Is there any one look you tend to adhere to?
--i have such a hard time focusing on one thing, so my style changes daily and based on my mood. basically anything easy and comfortable.


Any go to items in your wardrobe? Do you have a uniform, of sorts?
-- my quick go to outfit is usually a pair of tights, a t-shirt, and a cardigan.

Any sentimental items in your wardrobe?
-- i'd say that most of my thrift items are sentimental. they all have a story behind them and i cant get rid of them, even when i outgrown them.



Have you always been into fashion? How would you describe the development of your style?
--no! it wasnt until i started thrifting in high school that i was able to experiment with clothes.


From what or whom do you draw inspiration from style-wise?
-- my biggest inspiration is street stlye blogs and blogs in general. i also get it from celebs like mary kate and ashley, chloe sivigney, beyonce, etc.


How is your style received when you go out? Have you had any confrontations, positive or negative? How do you handle them?
-- in high school i used to get a lot of flack from my friends for bleaching my hair, cutting it all off, wearing super black eyebrows, wearing a biker jacket, grampa pants, super bell bottemed pants, neon orange winter coat, neon shoes, etc. i usually get little old ladies commenting on my hair and clothes, all positive. its so sweet and amazing to have an 80 year old women saying she likes your purple hair. the negative stuff has basically been glares from people who i pass, which is no big deal. if anyone were to say anything to me about my apperance, i would just ignore it.



A typical day in your life: well, right now i wake up, have a tea and check tumblr. i shower and try to take an outift picture for the blog. i spend more time online, watching tv shows and movies. i clean a bit, do laundry, more time online. i hope to change this soon as i have recently moved and now have a sewing nook so i can start making clothes and maybe sell some too.


Top 5 books, movies, songs/bands, food (pick one or all!): i read a lot of comics, mostly jeffery brown and daniel clowes and johnny ryan, so all of those are my favourite 'books'. my favourite foods are avocados, CHEESE!!!!, pizza, nachos, and pretty much all indian food

thanks, stina!

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