if you've been paying attention the last few posts you already know how dreadfully hot it's been 'round here lately with the absence of our ac - which surely has something to do with why i'm digging the good ole' undies as outies look that always comes and goes from the fashion hotlists. but more specifically, an obsession with the cropped bustier has wormed its way into my consciousness and is the main subject of my bored late night internet window-shopping searches.

i'm not really one to post celeb photos all that much, but this version worn by solange knowles is just too good to pass up. (also digging that paperbag trouser combo which would also look equally as chic paired with that amazing bustier - and refreshing to see a celeb wear a piece on more than one occassion).



and here's the gal who i'm pretty sure first planted the seed of this obsession in my head - leah of thefullnilson in her cropped black lacy look:



and this darling who perfectly pairs her simple black top with high waisted harems and a leopard cardi:


if you're not quite feeling ready to make the move - ease into it like this gal who layers hers over a light dress for a more modest take on the trend:


also loving the sweet n' casual look from this babe:


it took a bit of searching to find some online options since everyone seems to have their own name for this item. some call it a cropped bustier, others a bralet, bralette, or longline bra. once i learned the terms finding some cute options wasn't quite so tough. topshop seems to be leading the pack with their selection:






asos also has a few cute choices (especially that second one- so uniquie with its buckles and colorblocked styling!):




while i was escaping the heat of the house through a midday walk through target i spotted this one from their calypso for target brand. i took it to the dressing room and the fit was amazing and it was more than comfortable. it took all i had to put it back on the racks, but i really wasn't too sold on the white. if it were available in black it most likely would've come home with me - but it isn't (i checked online too), and my bank account is better for it . it's still a surprisingly nice piece and i'm gonna keep an eye out for it on the clearance racks in case i ever happen to have a little extra dough:

calypso target.JPG

but if ya don't feel like shopping for a look you're not quite sure about in the first place - why not try this simple little DIY from twitchvintage. she achieved her cropped bustier by chopping the bottom off of a too-short-in-the-torso swimsuit and hemming the bottom. a super-easy project you could do on a low-cost piece from the thrift store:



if ya try it out be sure to share your photos!

any summer looks you all are particularly loving this year?