my diet my shirt

today i am going in costume as my diet for the past two days. when we order pizza i always check around for coupon codes and found a buy one get one free deal though it's not like we need two large pizzas hanging round this house. milton was still here to help me out one night and then i finished it off over the past two days. dominos has upped their game a bit i must say, and i can be a tiny bit snobby about food sometimes.

don't really know what all i managed to do today - it mostly seemed to go by in a blur. i have been keeping a notebook work log though - from spring to summer i always end up getting so unmotivated which often results in being too lazy. since that's something i can't really afford the luxury of at the moment i want to make sure i clock in at least 8 hours each day. i got a bit of work done with patterns for the book and also listed a good many things in my new vintage shop.

durty muziks

durty muziks

durty muziks

at some point i did manage to dig out my small (aka two - tho more on my laptop) collection of dirty garage punk type mississippi bands for a dance party of one. johnny vomit and the dry heaves for some reason or another has been getting mentioned here and there and on some fb pages which has been kinda odd since when i was trying to dig up their albums two years or so ago it took me a little while before i could find anything to get my hands on. for a while i was working on a small mississippi project - trying to rediscover my roots in a way and see what other weirdo outcasts and artists of all sorts that it's produced and fell for both these crazy ol' groups. the ed nasty and the dopeds just got reissued, so it's pretty easy to find now but was only a few songs on some comps back when i was looking. funny how the net changes these things within such a short time frame. makes me want to dig for some other ones i could never find then or only found in mp3's on random blogs of people who are much deeper and knowledgeable bout this stuff than i am. really wanna revisit that project at some point too though i just end up getting too lost in everything and can't seem to focus it all - i follow too many trails and it's fun, but it's overwhelming to figure out how i'd want to do it and really do it right. i just know growing up there i felt like such an outcast and misunderstood and never freely myself. guess that's part of why i consider myself such a late bloomer - it took a long time to shake it all off. trapped in my shyness and not relating to many of my peers - i never had all that many friends - still don't as an adult- but it's always a little bit of a relief even now to read about someone who might've been something like me and lived in a similar minded area too and managed to come out of it true to themselves.



the only other major event of the day was my near-death experience with making bean tacos for dinner. i had just put these shells in the toaster oven and stepped out on our porch to cut cilantro from the planter, and in no more than a minute or two came back in to a burst of flames! when i opened the door they reached high enough to lick the cabinets. we don't have a fire extinguisher and i didn't know what to do, so i closed it back which helped some and wet a towel to slap it down. luckily i got it under control, but was pretty frightened for a minute or two. after that extra coffee i'd had earlier the ticker was really pumping. got most of the black stuff cleaned up though our new toaster oven's not looking as shiny as it was.