last night a storm rumbled in what seemed all of the suddenly but perhaps if i hadn't had my nose deep in yarn work with tv noise blaring in the background i would've noticed it coming. i was set up in bed with yarn and hooks and notebooks surrounding me - working on the next batch of patterns due to my editor this month for the softspoken book in making. at 2am i shoved it all to the floor and switched off the lights and what seemed no more than 5 minutes after drifting off i was wakened by the sound of electricity whirring loudly on and off - not just our house but through the entire street. it loudly hummed on off on off on off too many times as i ran around unplugging things and trying to find a radio. weather doesn't usually frighten me, growing up with what seemed a tornado a week during the right season, sitting in the middle of the house or somewhere with a mattress thrown over our bodies for protection, but electrical problems and power lines do. plus the wind was really whipping and i kept thinking of that old injured tree in our back yard that m's always fretting over crashing through the roof. the brown tinged sky didn't do much to soothe my uneasiness and when the power finally went for good i gathered up a candle and sat in the doorway to the living room and hall until it all subsided. finally i called the power company to report the outage and the message said it'd be well after 3am before it was back so i tried to drift back to sleep in bed. the darkness and silence felt heavy and i kept getting inklings of electrical fire drifting past my nose. after sniffing round the house once or twice and deciding it safe i finally went to sleep. my mom's always after me to pay attention to the weather and last night in the moment i did wish i knew what was going on so i guess today i'll go get a tiny battery operated radio at the dollar store and maybe extra batteries and candles too.

m's away on a trip till saturday and i sure did miss him in the midst of the storm. this morning i made a whole pot of coffee for the two of us, not realizing it'd be too much till i went to return my mug to the sink after my first cup. instead of letting it waste i poured another so now i'll be overly emotional and edgy for the rest of the day. the canister of sugar was missing this morning and i went dumbly around the kitchen wondering where it could have gone, trying to convince myself that maybe milton took it with him to the hotel or that we'd hidden it in the cabinet though i knew neither of those were true. then i thought maybe someone stole it. someone came in and stole our canister of sugar - a really evil type playing psychological games by taking away little bits and bobs of your daily routine that you never notice till they're not there. but really it'd gotten misplaced in the fridge which i didn't find till i'd already spooned some from the bag of sugar in the cabinet and went to get the half and half.