a lot of readers have come to my blog recently by searching google for "mississippi river flooding" and landing on this old post from the flood in '08. i thought i'd post a few images from the flood happening right now in natchez, ms (where i'm originally from and my family lives) and vidalia, la and some surrounding areas since i'm sure that's what you all really want to see.

none of these photos were taken by me, but the orignal sources are listed and linked:

from flickr user frank3.0 (who, as a side note, takes such wonderful photos. please also see his blog, lemonsandbeans ):

hesco barriers at vidalia, la:

Hesco Barriers at Vidalia, LA

flooding at bayou sarah:

Flooding at Bayou Sarah

water behind the levee at yucatan landing:

Water Behind the Levee at Yucatan Landing

pintails flocking on the new levee (not showing you much of rising waters, i know, but just too beautiful of a photo - i couldn't bear to leave it out):

Pintails Flocking on the New Levee

water on both sides of us:

Water on Both Sides of Us

high water at vidalia, la:

High Water at Vidalia, LA

sandbags at vidalia, la:

Sandbags at Vidalia, LA

from the natchez democrat (local newspaper):

coast guard station on may 11:

coast guard station may 11.jpg

coast guard station on may 13:

coast guard station may 13.jpg

deer park area on may 11:

deer park may 11.jpg

giles island on may 11:

giles island may 11.jpg

giles island may 111.jpg

old river area on may 11:

houses on old river may 11.jpg

houses on old river may 111.jpg

lake mary on may 11:

lake mary may 11.jpg

riverview rv park playground:

river view rv park playground may 11.jpg

saint catherine creek on may 11:

saint catherine creek may 11.jpg

natchez under the hill on may 13:

under the hill may 13.jpg

under the hill may 132.jpg

under the hill may 133.jpg

under the hill may 134.jpg

under the hill may 135.jpg

under the hill may 136.jpg

under the hill may 137.jpg

vidalia riverfront on may 13:

vidalia riverfront may 13.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 13-3.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 132.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 134.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 135.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 136.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 137.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 138.jpg

vidalia riverfront may 139.jpg

from the us army corp of engineers flickr stream:

natchez prep:

Natchez prepares for flooding

vidalia on may 13:

Vidalia Convention Center Flooded

Mississippi River flooding Convention Center area

hunting camps and homes:

Mississippi River flooding

and from this stream here :

at natchez.jpg

jm jones lumber company self-constructed levee:

jm jones lumber company homemade levee.jpg

jm jones lumber company homemade levee2.jpg

earlier work to protect natchez and vidalia riverfronts:

work under the hill to protect.jpg

working at riverfront may 5 vidalia.jpg

isle of capri on may 12:

isle of capri on may 12.jpg

angola inmates transferred and temporary buildings built:

angola inmates transferred with med probs 2.jpg

angola inmates transferred with med probs.jpg

angola temp sturctures.jpg

from city of vidalia facebook page :


gov. jindal flying in:jindal flying in.jpg

vidalia levee:levee around vidalia.jpg

from this facebook album :



vidalia convention center:



promise hospital:


promise hospital.jpg

vidalia riverfront:


natchez bluff:

natchez bluff.jpg

louisiana levee:

louisiana levee.jpg

under the hill:

under the hill.jpg

anna's bottom:

anna's bottom.jpg

anna's bottom2.jpg








from my sis n' law's sister:



hope this helps anyone looking for images of natchez and surrounding areas - i know it can be hard to find photos specific to the area through just a google search.