i've mentioned it a few times - how one of the sacrifices i've made by working from home is that it's hard to find time to sit down and read the way i used to. i used to read voraciously (here's my old book list i used to keep)and felt my love of literature was something that largely defined me, so not doing so the past few years has left a little emptiness. the thing about working from home is that separating work time from down time becomes really hard to do. when you go to an office and come home at 5 or so - it's easier to leave your work behind for a few hours. when your work is based at home - it's always there in front of you so sometimes it's hard to set aside to watch a movie or read a few chapters.

so here's an effort to change that! it may go a little more slowly than my reading adventures in the past, but hopefully i can find a minute here and there to turn a few pages. i picked this fitzgerald bio out of the bins when we were thrifting the other day (same day i found the leopard pants). i've always, of course, been a fan of fitzgerald's works, but i've also always been interested in him (and zelda) as a character. from his appearance in hemingway's moveable feast and documentaries and so on. right now i'm only up to his later childhood/high school years. one favorite little tidbit thus far:

"Edward's first cousin was the son-in-law of Mrs. Surratt, hung for complicity in the assassination of Lincoln. After Scott Fitzgerald reached fame, his parents wanted him to write a book exonerating Mrs. Suratt, but he said she was either guilty or a fool and in neither case was he interested."

september 15, 2007

m outside of the room fitzgerald supposedly stayed in @ the lake lure inn. (so wish we could go stay there again today. such a beautiful place.)