this installment of those who make showcases the sweet art of mel stringer. as often happens these days, i originally ran across her work on tumblr through her 'girls with cameras' sticker project where she was attempting to raise money through her camera illustrations for, of course, a new camera. upon checking out her shop i fell for her work - both prints and the darling miniatures she creates by hand. i hope you enjoy her interview below!

yumi yasuda

-Name, Age, Location, Websites:

Mel Stringer, 23

-A few words to describe yourself:

I am a young Illustrator and Visual Artist from Australia. I like drawing, cooking, photography and lots of other nice things.


-Your day job:

I work from home a couple days a week and then the rest of my time is dedicated to art and travelling.

-A typical day in your life:

Wake up early, drink lots of tea without milk or sugar, check my emails, work on stuff, cook nice food, spend time with my boyfriend, dream about interior design and a movie camera.

10 girls with cameras stickers

-Top 5 books, movies, songs/bands, food (pick one or all!):

-Avocado and tempura prawn sushi rolls with flying fish eggs
-Panko-crumbed chicken with peas and brocolli
-Hot Butter Chicken with rice
-Eclipse mints

telephone and me zine

telephone and me zine 2

-Now and Then
-Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels
-The Royal Tenenbaums
-The Life Aquatic

lili cupid paper doll

-Your vices/guilty pleasures:
Hot berry tea, chocolate, art supplies, youtube, flickr, tumblr, the internet on my phone..

-Personal philosophy/mantra or wise words to share:
Be good to yourself. Stop worrying.


-When/How did you first gain an interest in your art?
My Dad became a newspaper cartoonist at an early age, so he has always encouraged me since I could scribble.

custom portrait 3

-What was your first creation?
One of my earliest kept drawings was a family portrait. We all looked like spikey-haired oranges with jellyfish arms and legs and raccoon eyes.


-From what or whom do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from everything. Mostly.


-What sort of person do you imagine being drawn to your work? Is that something you think of when you create?

To be honest I never envisioned an audience when I first began. Gradually I hoped that people who were drawn to my work were like me. I know alot of girls like my work. I'd like to hope my audience is full of good people, but I can't control that.


-What are your biggest challenges with your art/craft?

Self promotion beats the shit out of you, keeping up with online orders should be some sort of Olympic sport, dealing with criticism (even constructive criticism) is like swallowing a litre of salt for breakfast and being misunderstood hurts as well.

Focus, Forget and Carry On

-What's the importance of handmade to you? Do you feel a part of the DIY movement?

I do feel I am part of the DIY movement. I feel it's important because it's not censored and is immediately available. I also love the fact that the creation comes from 1 person with their process, not 10 designers, a boardroom of advertising experts and a million dollar factory with funding by a big guy with a cigar hanging out his mouth.

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