yeah this outfit is sorta boring, BUT i needed something that i could go lift and move heavy stuff in the hot hot heat in so it's not that bad considering, right? i'm also still trying to get the trashy parted feathered bangs look down - i think they need growing out a tad so they can still cover my forehead a bit yet still achieve maximum feathering. i realize this hairstyle may not be all that flattering, but i'm digging it and it cracks me up at the same time and reminds me of late 70's/early 80's photos of my mom and her friends in short shorts and iron on glitter ringer tees. so why not. also, i was happy to finally find sunnies in this shape/color (clearish taupe/brown gradated lenses/ rounded wayfarer shape = jackpot) that i went against my moral high ground and did some cheop-o forevs 21 purchasing. ONLY THEN to learn my lesson by having the arm fall off before i even made it back home at the end of the day! oh well, i'm gonna get the foster grants i really wanted anyway at some point since they're basically identical and probably (hopefully) will at least last through the season.