remember the trouser post? finally found these affordable ones that i'm pretty happy with. wish i had better shots of em (and that they came in more colors!)- the sunlight and shade in our back yard is so spotty through all the leaves and branches - sometimes it's hard to get colors and such to come out correctly and little blotches get totally washed out while others are way too dark. anyway, my boy's not too into my obsession with high waist pleated anything (says they remind him of bad 80's office wear) but i'm not really the type of gal who dresses for boyz anyway (i mean sometimes i'll wear something just for him, but everyday opinions on what i do and don't choose to clothe myself in are mostly all about me me me).

wearing: sunnies - the replacement ones by foster grant i mentioned a few posts back / cropped tank - kmart clearance rack / trousers - urbanog / necklace - came with a top / wedges - old payless / wrist clutch - from way back when i worked at bath and body works - i've gotten so much use from this thing