last night i gave up - with our ac on the outs and the temps well over 90 degrees - it's too hot for clothes. so while we're on the subject of wearing little to nothing, let's talk underthings - and i'll start with this bra. it's so nice i bought it twice (or, well, three times if you count the two colors). the first one cookie chewed up on her first week home and i immediately replaced it with one of the same. it's nothing fancy - you can get 'em at k-mart, but i've never really had a bra i've liked as much. it's the vassarette her secret lace push-up and it's no more than $10-12. i've never really been one to splurge much on undies - the most i've ever spent was maybe near $40 on a victoria's secret bra a handful of years ago, but this one sure has any beat. it's very vintage in styling - the cups are nice and stiff and remniscent of bullet bras - which is a style i like. long ago i thrifted a vintage bikini with cups so stiff it wouldn't matter what you put in em - they were sure gonna sit high and firm - and this bra is near the same. it might not be something everyone goes for, but a nice cup that holds it shape is what i like. what about you guys? any underwear stylings you swear by or have a definite loyalty to?