here are my picks. i chose 8 tops, 5 dresses, 8 bottoms, 2 skirts, 2 jackets, and 5 shoes. when i started pulling items i realized i was playing it pretty safe with lots of denim and solids and basics, so i decided to throw in a few challenge pieces or never worn items that have been lying dormant for quite a while. dresses 10 and 11 are both pieces i've never worn. i threw in the maxi skirt (22) because i've always loved the style but never felt comfortable wearing it - plus it can also work as a dress so it's versatile. then a few wilder prints (2 and 21) to spice things up every now and then.

as far as i've seen from everyone else, accessories don't count in the 30 pieces. i was tempted to limit myself to 10 or 15, but decided to wait and see how this goes first.

a good bit of these were pulled from the laundry basket, so that's why the stains and wrinkles...

8 tops


5 dresses


8 bottoms


2 skirts


2 jackets


5 shoes


can't wait to get started!