the softspoken crushin' yr style manifesto: since i've been finding the blogosphere a bit uninspiring for quite some time - more and more fashion blogs seem to be about who can snag the latest dress from the latest designer on the latest hottest shopping site or how well your boyfriend can take hazy perfectly framed photos when often if i saw the same outfit on the street i wouldn't look twice - i've decided to go on a search to hunt out guys and gals whose style truly makes me stop in admiration of their actual style, not the quality of their photos or the labels in their dresses or the sponsors in their sidebar, but simply their style and style alone.

introducing jem!


-Name, Age, Location, Websites:

Jem : 26 : Brooklyn, NY : www.jemibook.com : http://jemibook.tumblr.com

-A few words to describe yourself:

Colorful, Chameleon, Costume

-Current crushes/obsessions (style-wise or other-wise!):

Rainbow shades of hair, Macabre inspired looks, nikkilipstick pasties, Vampires, Moon Manicures, heart sunglasses, Black and White Stripes and Polka Dots, bodysuits, suspenders, Super shiny Gold accessories, celestial inspired clothing.



-Your vices/guilty pleasures:

I am instantly attracted to shiny gold items whenever I am shopping, I have to try them on even if I won't buy them for whatever reason. Also t-shirts with artists like miley cyrus / ashley simpson / katy perry and britney spears I also need...i would put hanson in that category as well. I mean check out this top


come on now. Outfits with weird shoulder pad things like this dress I picked up two years ago [ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=8891176&id=504881109 ]

-How would you define your style? Is there any one look you tend to adhere to?

Hmmm... the thing that I get the most is that I am VERY colorful. Which makes sense because sometimes [often] I like to go back to my art-class-roots and represent for the primary color scheme and wear only Red, Yellow and Blue :



But I love to dip my hand into all different styles, try on different hats [literally and figuratively] and just see if I can achieve something completely different than I am used to.



-Any go to items in your wardrobe? Do you have a uniform, of sorts?

If I can't think of anything to wear, or I am frustrated I usually just go with a high-waisted skirt, white socks with black mary janes, and a tank with faux frames.

-Any sentimental items in your wardrobe?


I have had this yellow skirt that I got at a thrift store when I first started to really shop for myself around 2003 - one of the very few clothing items that has lasted me forever. I also have this vintage T-shirt that I got at an amazing fair they were having at this church near where I lived where you got as much clothes as you could fit into a shopping bag for one dollar. It is the only polyester item that I own [I primarily loathe polyester]. I've also had it since 2003 and I generally only wear it on occasions that are special to me in some way, or I hope to make special. I feel like it has some luck for me - something that I am always severely lacking in. Here is the only picture I have of myself wearing it back in 2008:


-Have you always been into fashion? How would you describe the development of your style?

Oh man, my mom would have no choice but to answer yes to this question for me. I would fight her all the time for my clothing/style choices from a young age I always wanted to play dress-up and make sure that I was expressing something of myself in my ensembles each day, whatever that was at the time. I feel like the development of my style has always been to experiment with whatever I could get my hands on, color was always in play, and I would often make a day of it, creating a look doing my hair in pin-curls for hours, or doing elaborate designs on me nails, or just making an outfit from scratch for an event later in the night simply because I had the supplies lying around. I did a round-up of how my style has evolved in the past decade on my blog actually [ part one : http://www.jemibook.com/2011/02/my-last-decade-of-style-part-1.html ] [ part two : http://www.jemibook.com/2011/02/my-last-decade-of-style-part-2.html ]



-From what or whom do you draw inspiration from style-wise?

Tumblr lately has been inspiring me, I follow a lot of ladies who post a lot of darker styles, but I also follow a lot of ladies who are into vintage and pin-up inspired looks. Which I think they can all go hand in hand. I am really attracted to really epic and dramatic looks. Musicians like Freddie Mercury, MJ, and Elton John were big influences on me in my younger days I wanted to dress how their music made me feel - larger than life. They made me want to make it look like I was always supposed to be going to something epic.



-How is your style received when you go out? Have you had any confrontations, positive or negative? How do you handle them?

It really differs depending on where I am living, I move a lot so each state has it's own standards and what is used to, on the whole though I usually stand out, and that has even been true living in New York. When I had un-natural hair colored, people usually just stared, I don't have any memory of someone specifically coming up to me and saying they hate my outfit, but I have definitely got those looks of 'what is she wearing' or 'who does she think she is' which I just have to laugh at. Although lately, I have been getting a lot of people who have been making it a point to come up and tell me they like me outfit or style. I was wearing this outfit [below] the other day on my day off and I had taken the subway and when I got off as I was walking past the subway the conductor [I am not sure what the people who drive the subways are called] poked her head out the window and said that she really liked my style as she passed by, that made my day as I knew this was a pretty out there look.


-Personal philosophy/mantra or wise words to share:

Don't give a shit what other people are going to think, because there are always going to be people who are going to be critical of you, as long as what you're doing makes you smile then own that shit.


-A typical day in your life:

Lately, wake up @ 8am, gym for 30 minutes, shower, get ready, work on my website, make lunch/dinner for work, take subway and read for an hour to work, work-work-work, subway back home, catch up on the internet - maybe watch Ally Mcbeal and then hit the hay around 12am.


-Top 5 books, movies, songs/bands, food (pick one or all!):

Books :

1. Love is a Mix Tape

2. The Virgin Suicides

3. The Guide to Getting it On

4. Stiff

5. anything by Miranda July


1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Secretary

3. 2 Days in Paris

4. Stranger Than Fiction

5. The Royal Tenenbaums

Songs :

1. Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton : Doctor

2. The Smiths : Please, Please, Please Let me get what I want

3. The Lonely Island (ft. Julian Casablancas) - Boombox [ soooooo obsessed with currently ]

4. Frank Ocean - American Wedding [ ugh...so good]

5. Penny & The Quarters : You & Me

Food :

1. Borscht

2. Sonic Extreme Tator Tots

3. Goat Cheese Pizza from Target [Archer Farms]

4. Picnic Dog from the Weinery in Minneapolis

5. Cupcakes, duh!


-Final words or anything else to share?

Rachael and I were both published in the same book 'What I wore Today' way back in 2008 for our outfit pics from Wardrobe Remix how neat is that!