given that no more than a handful of moons ago, m and i were admittedly snobbish about how little tv we watched and had our death of american culture and brain dead boob tube zombies speeches in our front pockets at the ready (mostly just to share with each other) - it is a little bit surprising to find myself admitting how much i now look forward to wednesday night tv. and that it's not independent lens or nova or frontline or american experience or even some critically acclaimed mad men/six feet under/dexter/weeds/big love so on and so forth type drama - but a weeknight, major network, family sitcom.

basically, sue heck has stolen my heart.


to be honest, i started out falling for modern family. when softspoken orders were piled up and i'd been through all my podcasts and i'd watched every dvd and vhs we own, i started flicking on the tv - i just can't sit and work for that many monotonous hours without some type of distraction. modern family's cute and easy and i can somewhat relate to the step-relationship between jay and manny - mostly i'd sit through the middle waiting for modern family after or would run around getting my supplies together and cooking dinner while it was on. but slowly things changed and now modern family is like an off brand halloween candy bar while the middle is my grandmother's made from scratch pecan pie. while that may be an exaggeration because not much is as good as grandmother's pecan pie and i think i'm going on more than all this is really worth and more than i really intended to, but yeah. i like it. it makes me happy for some misery loves company reason to relate to all of sue's stringy haired middle school failures.


sue heck. anyone who has ever been a socially awkward teenage girl could probably easily identify with sue heck at least a little fraction of a bit. and not socially awkward in that everyone knows being a teenage girl sucks and we've all been there way, but in that socially awkward people you see everyday for the past coupla' years don't know your name kind of way. or maybe they do and pretend like they dont which is even worse kind of way. and maybe i'm projecting. but sue heck, while being there, still has this overly optimistic, die hard, give it your gusto and don't stop believin' resiliant attitude that you can't help but love. eden sher is flawless in her performance. heisler, one of the show's creators, says "we always say she'll be a fantastic adult. she just has to get through all of this first." late bloomers 'r us.

obsessive imaginary middle school romances made up 90% of my notes passed in the hallway - i mean, he LOOKED at me.

the show also has a tendency to use bright crochet pieces such as sue's bright pink basketweave stitch scarf or the rainbow colored afghans often draping the sofa - which makes it all the more so.