this is a dress i made from a built by wendy pattern a while back. i modified it slightly so that i could make it from denim instead of the stretch jersey that was recommended. i really love the way it turned out - the collar especially - and i think it's one of my nicest sewing projects yet. it kinda reminds me of some sort of hybrid between these two dear creatures dresses.

and guys, i totally gave up on doing 30 x 30 for now. i guess part of it is that i'm just really bad to sticking to things like that, but i'm also going through a lot of stress and not so great things right now financially and otherwise and since getting dressed is one small pleasure i can enjoy - i'm not gonna put any limits on it at the moment since everything else is kinda bummer city. i sorta thought i might learn some grand lesson about living on a few items or how to mix more creatively or something of the sort, but mostly it just felt really constricting and put a damper on my spirits. i guess since i'm cutting back in all the other areas of my life it just felt like a little much to cut out something i enjoy (and i already have a whole closet full of clothes to choose from and it's not like i'm able to really shop these days anyway). i guess maybe a shop yr closet challenge or work with what ya got or something in that vein might be more fitting for me these days. in any case, i'm gonna wear what i like since it's already there for me.