hey guys, thanks for all the notes about the personal/public blogging post. and extra thanks to the super kind gal in asheville who came up to me and said some really nice things which meant a lot to me and i keep kicking myself for not getting yr name (and please let me know, if you're reading, because it was nice meeting you and i appreciated all you said and it really helped me get my head on straight about the whole thing). i'm gonna work on some sort of balance for this place (and yeah, i know i'm prolly putting too much thought and worry into this - it's just a silly blog for cryin' out loud - just feels like i've been doing it forever so i guess it's something more, to me in any case) cause for the most part i really like doing it and miss sharing more life things and hate that all that got a dark cloud over it due to some past issues a coupla years ago that's had me antsy since. then seeing that person's location pop up on my site traffic often, i mean i can't be sure who it is really from just a city and state, but the odds are pretty good and it's just like gooooo awayyyyyyyy. in any case, i'm lettin' go and doing it my way and not gonna let it all get in my head anymore. also, when looking back i realized that last summer i had a sort of blogging identity crisis too, so maybe it's just an annual funk and we'll be back here again next year. srry guyz.

p.s. thanks for the food help and suggestions, too. i know it's not really as bad as i was making it - i was just in a whiney pms mood, i think. but thanks!

p.p.s. listed some vintage - including that hat up there - here. also my good camera was accidentally soaked in water and now i'm stuck with my old one which takes really grainy and yellowy photos which we'll pretend are meant to look that way. hopefully can get a cheap replacement deal (i'm hooked on canons now and everything else seems frustrating) on ebay, but till then...

p.p.p.s. got a few coupon codes going on for july sales - SOHOT gets you 40% off at softspokenvintage.etsy.com. and code JULYJULY gets you 40% off at softspoken.bigcartel.com.