lately i've been working with a few lovely bloggers to cook up a few diy's for you guys. this first one comes from karla of pinkdotties whose blog already has plenty of cute tutorials (i love the little bird brooch!). be sure to check those out and enjoy her guest post below:


six in one, oh MY necklace tutorial!

supplies : sorted beads, crochet needle (F), beading needle or fine needle, embroidery floss and scissors


1. you can use all the floss that comes in the bunch or double the length you wish you make your necklace.

2. thread your needle and make sure your beads go through the end of it.


3. start feeding the beads through the floss - you can do random size and colors for an organic feel or a pattern of colors you like.


4. okay, now if you know how to crochet then all you need to is start a couple of chain stitches (if you wish to learn this stitch click here)


5. the trick is to the feed first and than go on with the stitch you can count your stitches and beads or go random as I did.

if you you are scared of by the crochet you can just space beads and make knots (simple knots) to space through the beads. also you could split the floss in three and feed beads to separate strands. so you can feed a bead to one strand, braid, braid again, feed a bead to one of the three strands again.


i hope this helps! if you have any questions just contact me at my blog or facebook me at