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i'm surprised those crazy sheets are still around. the trolls and animal crackers are from my friend, marcie, and the peanuts i found years ago thrifting. i always wanted to make a dress from them but just couldn't quite take the scissors to them since they're in such good condition. the little bell pepper doll i absolutely adore - and if i didn't need the funds i wouldn't sell. i don't know why she appeals to me so much, but i found her while we were in mississippi the last time at a little junk shop. the clown was spotted by my mom at the same spot and another i don't want to let go - he's seen a few days - you can tell he's old and even though he's losing his eyebrows and looks a little worn - he's still so unusual and has tons of character. i think he'd be sweet hanging on the wall of a nursery, but he's really meant to be a pillow cover.