i didn't feel like going outside to photograph my outfit after we'd been gone all day wandering around target and random other shops in the heat and yesterday i was bitten by 20 mosquitos in our back yard at least and spent an hour scratching at them - they are truly horrible this year - and since i'd already shed some other things and layers i was wearing it wasn't really worth it, but i took these arms length shots for my own documentation anyway. in any case, i never seem to find clothes i like at target anymore which could be because i never really go to target anymore but either way it's fine with me. the one dress i halfway liked turned out to be too short in the dressing room. but i did want to treat myself to an outfit to wear while i turn 30. i ended up finding some pieces at another shop, but still felt extraordinarily guilty spending the money even though they were on super clearance and each piece around $6 when every penny, nickel and dime is counted these days. but i have not bought anything extravagent for myself since the very beginning of june (a $15 pair of pants) and you only turn 30 once, i think, so i'm gonna let it go. and when i got home there was a card from my parents with a check to spend on myself, so i guess it evens out. maybe. i also bought some red lip gloss for a dollar which i'm wearing here. i always preferred lip gloss or a nude lip (and by nude i mean bare - not a makeup shade) to lipstick for years and years, but for some reason recently i drifted back to lipstick over the past year. i think it was all the blog and magazine talk about red or orange or coral lip trends and recession luxuries and such. but i don't really like lipstick at all - i think lipgloss or a nude lip is much more flattering - at least, for me. other people pull off lipstick perfectly - with me it's really hit or miss. i especially love the look of red lipstick on others but have a very hard time getting it right on myself. i'm not really sure why i'm sitting here at close to 2 am rambling on about lipstick anyway. it's hot and time for bed. maybe i should return those clothes once i wake.

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