saturday we walked to the indian grocery in the run down strip mall somewhat near our house. we wanted to make hummus and tahini there is only $4.49 while at publix and other grocers it is nearing $8 for the very same size and the very same brand. shopping tip. plus they're small and locally owned and always so nice. i was going to write some rant about how i'm somewhat jaded about shopping locally owned now when finding a lot of local biz owners seem to be just as horrid as the big guys, but i'll save that for another day because i really don't feel like it. a few bad apples that i should not let spoil but frustrating that it is so hard to support the good even when you are consciously trying sometimes. instead i will talk about how that is not the usual brand of patra that we buy but that the other was out and these ended up being good as well though not as hot and spicy. i also like cutting the rolls myself instead of having them pre-cut. milton got bru because for some reason he is on the search for the perfect instant coffee like the kind he used to have when he would work with a guy selling peaches by the road. we had it yesterday and it was nice, at least for instant. the rest is lentils and junk food like mango cookies and instant noodles in the flavors of curry and masala and etc. these days for lunch i mostly eat ramen and throw in a lot of frozen veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and spinach to make it seem not so bad while keeping it cheap. oh yeah, we also stopped at sonic for a caramel sundae and banana milkshake. oops.

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