on my birthday m took me out shopping and i got a few things but spent at least an hour just playing around in the dressing room with a huge pile of clothes. but one of the things i did bring home as a birthday present was this pair of jeans which are the high waisted jeans i've always been looking for. I've never been able to find a pair of jeans that claimed to be high waisted which when i put them on were really just at-the-waist jeans - or if they did sit high enough for my liking they had some ugly yoke type thing at the top or a long row of buttons down the front or some weird stitching - when what I always wanted was just a simple pair that came right above my belly button and just below the boobs - a decent 11-12" rise or so. these have not only that but a bonus feature - patch pockets!


'scuse the cat hair and errant red thread and in yr face boobs and just focus on that nice high waist like i want ya to.