i know my blog (and well - life, in general) has been a total bummer lately and i'm sorta sorry about that. i mean, i wanna share my life in a lot of ways and not cupcake and sunshine it over - i read a lotta blogs who make every day seem like some fairy wonder diy princess dress adventure and i sort of hate them because i feel like they're lying to me. not that i expect full disclosure or nothin' but a little hint every now and then that they're not pastel marshmallow aliens from the planet unicorns and rainbows would be nice. i mean, i'm certainly not trying to police anyone's blog, let em do what they want - i'm just giving my bullshit opinion, but the whole point of this was to let you know that i'm gonna try to take this point at bottom to build up from here on out and try to have a little bit less negativity and life wailings but without whitewashing over it all. so. yeah. chin up.

(edit: i really wasn't meaning to come down on anyone's blog - just wanted to make the point that i want to share "real" life here with ups and downs and all - but that i do want to try to focus a little more positively in posts to come)