A few weekends ago, one of my very best friends, Ann, asked if I could petsit while they took an end of summer beach trip to Charleston. As a gift they gave me the pretty glass plum cuff shown below. When I went by on the final day I took a few snaps at their home of the animals as well as Ann's artwork to share on the blog (with her permission, of course) - hope you enjoy!



Ann's vintage outdoor set that I adore - recently restored and painted this deep pink:


While I was trying to track down the kitties from their hiding spots to make sure they were doing alright - I took a quick outfit snap in the mirror. Yeah, I was basically wearing the same thing I'd worn the day before. Someone asked about the skirt in the last post and I picked it up a while back at Rue21's clearance rack for about $4. A lot of their clothes are overly trendy and not me, but every now and then I'll find something on sale that fits my style. I also snagged these cropped slouchy tees on that same trip which I've enjoyed wearing over my sleeveless sundresses and maxi styles since I'm not that comfortable baring my arms.


On to the paintings! This one is in the dining room area:


I believe this is a newer piece where Ann was experiementing with different materials than what she typically uses (pastels? correct me if I'm wrong, Ann). I really love how fluid and smooth this one looks:


Tinier pieces:


Larger works - all done recently.


Based on a dream of red thread:


I believe this is the piece below that kickstarted it all - done in Alabama over the summer. Ann and I talk a lot when we're together about being creative and the emotional space and importance of balance required for that. So happy for her that she's grabbed hold of a space and has started creating again for herself.


After admiring the paintings and checking on the kitties, Ellie and I went out to explore the backyard. They have so many beautiful roses and flowers growing. Ellie was nice enough to let me stop for a few shots.







Ellie adorably brought her pink dino on most all of our walks. She'd set her down for a rest and pick her back up on our next time 'round the yard. It was a fairly warm day, but we walked for quite a while. We took a little break in the shade of the porch, went for a few more rounds then I finally talked her into heading inside again.






Dinner time. Lucius finally woke up from sleeping once he sensed the possibility of tuna in the air. I gave Ellie her food and placed Lucius' in the dining room and sat in the doorway to keep the two seperated so they could eat in peace. Ellie tried to bribe me with cheek kisses for a bite of the kitty's tuna, but I played hardball and stood my ground.





After everyone was fed I started to pack up my things to go. Ellie seemed to get a little anxious about it so I sat in the living room with her for a while and flipped through a few copies of Allure to keep her company a little longer. Plus our AC was out at home and it was nice to enjoy some cool air for a bit.



Noticed this little guy on the bookshelf:


And that was my weekend with Lucius, Ellie and Sylvie. Hope to be able to do it again!