The first night of Indie Craft Parade was a VIP gala for ticketholders only. Apparently Indie Craft Parade was insanely crowded last year, so this year they broke it up into a three day event. I'd never been a part of such a long festival before (only having done one day shows in the past), so it was a new experience for me. I was mostly worried about not having enough stock and made sure I had plenty of extra packed in bins under my table to refill the empty spots. Here's my table set up - the table was much longer than I realized it'd be, I was thinking during my practice set up at home that I'd only have room to add the branch for jewelry at the end, but I was also able to add the dress form on the table that I'd plan to display behind:










I also didn't realize I'd have so much space behind my table. Many people brought signs or little displays to set up in that area as well, but I'll know for next time. Like I said, displays are always hard for me but I'm happy with how this one came out overall. I think knits are a challenge to display because some are big and bulky and people pick them up and unfold them and things get messy really quickly. Plus scarves and things take up so much room that you really have to plan around it if you want to be able to show a variety. Also, I was happy to get lots of compliments on my crocheted garland since it was a last minute idea. So many people asked about purchasing it (brides and planners mostly), so I might make up a few to add in shop at some point. At the end of the night we went back to the hotel and I worked on a few bulky cowls to add back in to the stock since that was the big seller. We skipped dinner since we'd had a late lunch of Taco Bell and ate our share of party appetizers and free beer at the event. Also, I knew this dress had a bit of cleavage but it wasn't till seeing these photos that I realized that it was really too much (for me and for this event anyway - don't have a problem with however much boob anyone else wants to show). Shame, cause I really like this dress and feel good in it. Guess I'll save it for nights out or, you know, wear a tank under or something. Live and learn.