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By now some of you have heard about the Occupy Wall Street ( protests
going on in NYC. Unfortunately, some of you have not heard about it or have been severly
underexposed due to the lack of the major media's coverage. It was bewildering to Rachael
and I why this was overlooked in the major news outlets. The reason was really quite simple.
This is an anti-establishment movement. The major media is the establishment and they are
funded by the establishment as well. So is NPR, which has become increasingly conservative
in the very recent past, so don't expect anything more of them than to toss you a bone of a story here or there. The organization and protest are still forming and their/our goals and objectives are changing like a living organism. That is good because it is going to take a lot to get things in this country the way they should be. The main motivation of Occupy Wall Street is to remove Washington
and all politicians from from the pockets of the investment firms and banking institutions that
are almost soley responsible for and profiting from the US's financial meltdown. If you don't agree with that, it would be hard to argue against it.


Right now the mass of people is not that great. I hear there are roughly 2,000 protestors
in the Wall Street vicinity at any given time. However, I feel the ball is just starting to roll. All across
the country in major cities the frustration is coming to a boiling point. There are Occupy Atlanta's,
Occupy Boston's, Occupy Philidephia's popping up everywhere. This could be the revolution
99% of us need so badly.


It is becoming more serious everyday. Yahoo! has admitted to blocking emails with links to the
Occupy Wall Street website. They claimed it was an error, but what a laughable excuse. (Do they
mean to say someone went into their software for blocking emails and typed in links for
Occupy Wall Street by accident?) Twitter has apparently removed it from their "trending now"
topics, even though releated topics are there, but Occupy Wall Street is mysteriously absent.
The NYC police were told by somebody, somewhere higher up to quash this early on. However,
this has backfired. There are so many videos on the web now of the infamous Inspector Anthony
Bologna pepper spraying two women who were already barricaded in, defenseless and cooperating.
There are also documented cases of police arresting reporters for videoing the protests and civilians for simply taking still shots with a camera. The police brutality has subsided and the way they are handling the protestors appears to be improving, but I do not know if it will hold. I don't think it hurts that the occupiers started chanting "We're fighting for your pension!" to the police.


We personally can't afford to join the people on the front line in NYC (ironically, I was laid off during
the housing market crash), but we are making it known to our friends on Facebook and blogging. If
you can't join them, at least be in the know, spread the word, say something to somebody somewhere! What we can do is send some help through the mail. We are sending some supplies that were listed on the New York City General Assembly website (link).


Having said all that, the point of this post is if you can't participate, if you can't help out in any way,
if you can't spread the word...please just be aware!

Power to the People!

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