hey all.

just a quick note to tell you guys i've moved all future personal entries and such over to livejournal at softspokengirl. gonna use this blog here for business updates, sale announcements, diy features, outfit journaling, art and style features, reviews and other fashion+thrifty+diy type things only. personal life matters and random musings and friends and family and politics and tmi and embarrassing emotions and whatever else over at the other. it just feels time to separate the two - feel free to follow over if you want (it's pretty boring right now - just journaling mundane daily events as an exercise to get back in the habit of writing more) - some will be public, some locked to friends only (gonna try to keep it only to people i'm familiar with - but if you're a long time reader let me know), and some totally private. been having a lot of internal dialogue about personal branding and myself as part of my product and where to draw lines and separate the two. but i feel good about this change - it solves a lot of my inner quarrels. but enough of that...

in other news - i chopped my hair off - all by myself!






i did it about a week ago, maybe? i thought i'd have regrets immediately, but i haven't yet! it feels so much better and so much more me. might go shorter in the future at some point, but right now i'm digging this. plus i did it all by myself at about 4 am one night. i wasn't nervous about cutting the length, but i'd never cut in layers before and all of mine had grown out. it's been about two years since i'd had a cut other than a self trim. after watching a ton of youtube videos i decided to take the plunge - figuring if it didn't go well i'd just get it chopped at a salon into a pixie with long bangs (a cut i wanna try), but it turned out fine! i chopped a little more off the back the other day to give it more forward movement. but yeah, i'm happy with it. no more growing out yearnings for a while, i think. short hair feels like home. m and i also joined a gym - the same one i was going to about a year ago but this is the first time we've ever joined together. we've only been going for a little over a week, but i feel better already.

have some old pre-haircut photos to post up and some other blog catching up to do... forgive the mess!