chopped a little more off my hair last night. i wanted to be able to wear it in more of a sleek bob style, but with the option to make it all crazy with the layers too. trying to wean off so much product and since my hair is thin and flat - sleek bobs are the easiest look to maintain naturally. my bangs weren't quite right from my first round of cutting a month or so ago and i've just been pinning them to the side, so i fixed them up as well. getting fairly good at the diy cuts, i think.


i'm kinda trying to grow my bangs down to my nose and then go for one of these two cuts that i'm in love with that i posted over on pinterest.

never been that short before though, and am somewhat frightened of ending up with middle aged mom hair. the growing out my bangs period is my think-it-over time to build up the nerve.