i'm often more fascinated by so-called gross things than i am disgusted. i always examine them and peek closely. i'm not really into morbid things or looking at dead bodies and such, but i do tend to get slightly obsessed by my own wounds and monitor their changes and healing with fascination. i wasn't quite so happy to find this not yet expired (at the time) pint of half and half with green chunks and thick lumps though - especially when i'd already poured a bit into the potato soup i was making. i decided to eat the soup anyway after a few tastes to see if it was alright (maybe not the best idea but money is tight and i couldn't fathom throwing out a whole pot of soup over just a few spoonfuls) - neither of us got sick, but i did throw the rest of the half and half out. this is not the first time this has happened to us with PET products - i doubt i'll buy the brand again since it seems to be more than a random occurence.