suddenly started missing longer locks after all my big talk. the thing is i hate the way my natural hair looks long. it's far too thin and wispy to be more than shoulder length and i don't particularly like the way it makes my face look when i do wear it naturally long. which is why i always give up and chop it off. if i'm going to go natural then shorter is better by far - and i don't want to go through the pain of growing it out again when i don't like how it looks anyway. however, i do love the look of clip-ins. think i like the way they look even more with my hair shorter - adds more layers and less tangles and bulk to deal with. best of both worlds, right?!? these are a bit ratty (and partially curled/partially straightened) from being shoved into the corner of the bathroom closet, but might start playing around with them again. if folks can change their makeup and hair color from day to day - why not hair length too! i truly love the look and ease of my short hair and still do not regret cutting it, but longer locks are nice sometimes too! i used to be sorta embarrassed talking about and admitting to extensions (though i have a little on this blog in the past and was always honest if someone asked)- not sure exactly why though. i think it's because i once associated them with vain and vapid types and was afraid others would think that of me as well, which is completely ridiculous and judgemental on my part given my own obsession with fashion and creating different looks anyway. plus they've become so much more popular and accessible in recent years - and let's be honest, most every celeb you see has sported them on many an occassion. over the past few years i've had a growing obsession with hair and wigs of all types and styles and colors and options anyway, so yeah, who cares what anyone thinks about something so trivial! now on to more hair fun - maybe a new blog feature?