i've been waiting months for the weather to be cool enough to bring out this coat. today it finally came.

leopard coat - modcloth via kate's scathingly brilliant giveaway // dress - wet seal additional 50% off clearance sale a year or two ago // tulle lace skirt underneath - f21 (i always use this skirt to add length to my too-short dresses - works like a charm!) // teal tights // mini backpack - thrifted at goodwill bins and i adore it! i use it constantly and it goes as well with jeans and tees as it does with dresses and heels // black flatforms - aerosoles thrifted at goodwill bins. i love them, but they're a bit narrow (they're sized for narrow feet) so i'm hoping they will stretch with wear. i tried to find them online to buy a wider pair, but they're all sold out and from what i read it looks like they only made them in narrow widths - which seems strange. they're not too terribly uncomfortable though.

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