last year this was a really great show for me. i ended the night at a little over 2-thousand $$!! i was hoping (and expecting) to do as well again, but this year was completely terrible. i ended the night with about $260 or so - a HUGE drop. i've had the worst luck with shows this year. it was a cold, rainy and dreary night which i'm sure is part of why the crowd was smaller this year - last year was packed. i also don't think it helped that they put me and about 3 other craft vendors in the room with the food and wine vendors - away from the huge room where all of the other craft vendors were! it totally didn't make sense to have us in there! i think a lot of folks who were just there for holiday shopping didn't come into that room at all, thinking it was just food and such. plus the caterer and bar table closed down an hour and a half before the event was over - which made it even worse - all the noise and carrying their equipment through put a halt to traffic, plus it made the room look empty and sparse and it just looked bad. i've never seen folks break down so early before an event's end and always heard it ill-mannered to do so. now i know why. bad shows are so frustrating - especially this time of year when it's supposed to be my season! luckily i do have a bit more of my book advance on its way since i've turned everything in, but i was really hoping to get ahead a bit and not have to live with so much constant worry and stress. ah well, 'tis life. another show this weekend and two more after that. and with better results, i hope.