we spent the rest of the evening lounging around, editing photos, eating veggie burgers, and catching soul train on tv. one from the 70's which are my favorite, though i do enjoy watching the 80's episodes a good bit too. it is the best source of fashion inspiration, really - there are tons of episodes on youtube, too. we heard a new artist that we dug, mississippi charles bevel - he wasn't on the show, but they danced to his tune "sally b. white." charlie and i spent a good bit of time searching for him online and looking for a download, but were coming up short. i finally found a bit on him here with a download link to "sally b. white" and another. i found the song below on youtube as well. it's more mellow than the others, but i really like it. there's two albums for sale on ebay, i kind of want one. might look into him a little more later - i always have a soft spot for folks linked somehow to mississippi. speaking of which, we're leaving the 28th to visit my family there. can't wait to see my parents and spoil my little nephew and i get to pick up my new little pup, too!

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