milton and charlie were standing in line at checkout with me when i spotted the michael jackson chihuahua journal. i made them go wait in the car and snatched it for charlie last minute. i think his michael jackson obsession has waned a bit, but i couldn't help but grab it for him. i did a sneak purchase with the hat for milton while they were with me too. he'd spotted it on another fellow at one of my craft shows and liked it enough to ask where it was from, so i added it to my list of possible gifts for him. i racked up in presents from them with a wallet i'd been eyeing, my favorite chocolate, and cucumber wash i make milton smell when we're at walgreens, and a copy of the aretha franklin album i'd been wanting. plus a bracelet set from fashion accessory - oh, and the heart sprinkles necklace, too. charlie gave me an illustrated kitty calendar as well as a back massager and a tweezer and mirror set (with the tweezers painted to look like a little doll). those were my favorite since i knew he'd gotten them when we were out shopping with his own money he'd gotten as a gift earlier and spent on us instead of himself - it was sweet. charlie woke us early, so after presents milton and i napped on the couch for an hour or so. then coffee (hot chocolate for c) and the caramel pecan sticky buns i grabbed at the farmers market earlier in the week with ann. later on we took family christmas portraits and milton's dad and stepmom dropped by for a bit. the rest of the day was low-key mostly, but all happy and all good.