after dinner m and i went to wander around k-mart - one of our weird guilty pleasures. m has some sort of childhood memories of going there with his mom and i have a weak spot for it as well. i tried on a few things in the dressing room while milton did his thing. i've been eyeing these pants since this summer - they're sorta iffy when you see them out in the store, but once you put them on they're not that bad. they're on sale now, but i didn't get them. the striped sweater's also on sale - i'm having a pink and grey moment lately and it hits the spot. i put it back too though. the heather grey shirt i was thinking about for layering under dresses. but the only things i purchased were a new bra (which was needed) and a small christmas gift for milton's neice. oh, and a package of erasers shaped like pizza slices for 50 cents cause, you know....